Friday, August 17, 2007

Six Reasons for why one should blog

Welcome to the world of blogging. Blogs have been around for a decade now. They have come a long way from the tag of ‘time pass’ hobby to the trendiest thing to do. “Do you have a blog” or “Do you blog” is the most common question to break the ice between two strangers. There are blogs on almost all subjects and sub - subjects one can think of and by all the names as there is no copyright on blog names (I suppose!). I could not name my blog for a long time as which ever name I decided on; there was a blog by that name. After zeroing on Coffee Break, I have decided not to do any more google search to find out if a blog by this name already exists.
‘Comments’ to a post add the spice and make a blog interesting. Many bloggers read only the comments and not the post as these gives them various angles of a story. For some, blogging is a kind of addiction and in Marxist terminology, it can be rightly called the ‘opium of the 21st century’
Six Reasons for why one should blog

1. True freedom of expression. You don’t have to write as per publications’ guidelines and editor’s instructions
2. Instant gratification of your efforts and writing abilities
3. An ocean full of info on every topic under the sun
4. Immediate feedback to your posts
5. You get a chance to give a piece of your mind to those writers whose ideas don’t appeal to you
6. The sixth reason is for the readers to tell

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