Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Problem of Plenty

Life without emails and mobiles!! Is it possible? Forget about mobiles there was a time not so long ago when having a landline at home was a luxury. One had to wait for eight to ten years to get a phone connection. Going to neighbor’s house to make a phone call or watch Sunday movie on T.V was common and nothing to be ashamed of. I get nostalgic when I think of those days. A week long wait to watch Chitrahaar on Wednesdays (half an hour show on Hindi film songs) added on to the exhilaration of watching a T.V programme. Now, what’s the great fun in watching a movie on T.V, it is available 24x7 or get a DVD and watch it whenever you want. People had various reasons to laugh and cheer about - getting a trunk call ( long distance call) after four hours wait, waiting for the postman in the hope of receiving a letter from a dear friend or a telegram announcing the birth of a child in the family. People traced happiness in small things.
Fast forward to the new fast track age… everything happens at the click of a mouse. Want to keep in touch with your friends in US, send an email or just pick up your cell right now (unless it is night time there!). Possessing a cell phone is no more a luxury, it is taken for granted. Every member of the family possesses a cell phone, sometimes even two - one official and another personal. Each one has an independent room and vehicle.
You may buy anything for children but their happiness is momentary. Every weekend there is a get together or an outing so what’s the big deal about another invitation for a high profile party or eating out? There is an abundance of clothes, toys, books, household items and even marks; a child scoring 85% is an average child; earlier we distributed sweets on getting a first division (60%). Now people look for happiness in bigger pleasures which are elusive.
Everyone has everything in plenty except Time. We have time neither for us nor for others.

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Kaavya said...

Hey on a brighter side, some of us still have time to keep our passions like writing still green. So cheers to us :)