Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fifth or Reverse gear!!

“How does a suicide bomber feel when he is about to explode the bomb?” asked Rahul, my little one. “Is RDX the main ingredient in the bomb?” he nudged me again before I could answer his first query. Flabbergasted at his innocent queries, “How intelligent and well aware the children of this generation are!” I murmured to myself.
Times have changed. Today’s children may perceive our childhood as bland and lackluster. It was almost the same routine everyday for most children of those times. After school hours were spent in playing with the neighborhood children till the final call for dinner came. A hearty meal followed by a long story session from grand ma was something we all looked forward to. Stories of fairies, demons, animals, ghosts elevated us to another world. As time passed, the life changed first gradually and then swiftly. Satellite invasion replaced grandma stores with soap operas, cartoon channels and the like. Fast changing technology, modern means of communication, free flow of information and the ability to travel speedily across nations and oceans changed our lives for ever.
We now lived in global village. Swanky cars, sleek mobiles, fancy gadgets, designer clothes, dot coms…, one look at the tremendous achievements the man has made…we cannot resist patting ourselves on the back.
We have come a very long way indeed. Right in our living rooms we can watch live dramas of destruction, barbaric mowing down of thousands and crumbling down of very symbols of modern existence like a house of cards and what a novel way to achieve the ulterior motives. Each method of mass annihilation is more advanced than the other. Our vocabulary has gone overboard; we can talk of bio terrorism, global terrorism, suicide bombers over a cup of tea.
Whither man’s intelligence! I wonder if we are becoming regressive or progressive.
God save this world.

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