Monday, August 13, 2007

Chak De India is not Chak De Phatte( ‘Let’s have a blast’!)

The recent release Chak De ('Go Get it' expression) India projects two things very coherently – firstly the women power; in spite of his stunning performance, it is the not King Khan but the ordinary women who steal the show with their hockey sticks. Like everywhere else, here too it is the women who have the last word. Secondly, the word 'sports' does not mean cricket by default (children now know that there are other sports to be played except cricket and tennis)
“If you have the will anything is possible” especially when it is a Hindi movie and the hero is none other than Shah Rukh Khan, the movie comes with a message and the moral of the story is loud and clear. With an appropriate dose of patriotism, it is a must watch for its being unusual and, catching on the patriotism flame at the time of India’s 60th Independence Day . It is an excellent watch if you are not looking for any glamour, romantic overtones and comparisons with Lagaan, another movie based on sports.
Chak De sans glamour and romance; the theme overshadows the actors.
For a change, it is fantastic to watch India’s national game taking the centre stage but the distressing part is, it happens only in the theatre.

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Raj said...

Thanx for the review yaar, will go and watch it now.