Friday, August 6, 2010

Mysteries of Parenting

'I am going to give a speech on Arts of Parenting in my Toastmasters club meeting,’ I announced to kids when I reached home.

The house is literally upside down when I reach home in the evening. Literally and not virtually. Kids jumping all over, music full blast, school bags thrown in the living room, smelly socks on sofa, the younger one still in uniform so and so forth. The moment they see me they hurriedly start picking up things running here and there like piglets run on seeing a big cat around.

Coming back to my speech on art of parenting, my two brats have given me creamy rich experience on how to tame the kids.
‘I will start with the lyrics... Give me Some sunshine , give me some rain, give me another chance , I wanna grow up once again,’ I said loudly to grab their attention. None of them was paying any attention to what I was saying.

‘But I am not going to sing the song, I will only speak the lyrics,’ I declared on seeing a bewildered expression on their faces when I grabbed the elder one; the younger one slipped out of my hands.
‘There are various ways to train the children, you see. You need to discipline them, you need to listen to them, pampering is as important as disciplining, don’t give hollow threats, practice and don’t preach, be a friend ….’

None of them was interested in listening to my expert opinion on how to tame the unruly lot.

‘Mom, I have a suggestion.’
I was proud that I have groomed my kids in such a way that even 11 yrs old can give suggestions on better parenting. ‘End it with another version of song that you are crooning. Give me another chance I want to become a better parent once again; mouthing this he sprinted to his room.

‘How creative! That’s the perfect way to end your speech,’ said my sweet sixteen.

Never mind the feedback from children. After all they are only small children; I have still decided to go with my fistful speech on Mysteries (read Art) of Parenting on 12th Aug

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