Monday, May 17, 2010

Mysore Blues

Mysore may offer a great weather, minimal pollution, no traffic jams, excellent quality of life. Surprisingly it has been declared the second cleanest city in India though what I see everywhere is filth. Spot a street, a gali , a road, a corner which is not littered with filth and garbage. If Mysore is the cleanest then how about the rest? Heritage city, 2nd cleanest city.. tags are good for its image but it definitely lacks in terms of quality of education that it offers though websites boast of twelve colleges for undergradation, four for Engineering etc etc but the reality is different.

After SSLC there is not much of choice. KV and DMS are the only schools which offer CBSE. KV offers only PCMB and PCME, if you are keen on doing Commerce then go to DMS but DMS is strictly not for those who are not fluent in Kannada. Your child will be a frustrated lot by the end of first semester. The only known college for PUC is Sadvidya where the fees charged is as per the paying capacity of parents and not the merit of the candidate. But if you don’t get it here, then where?

Mahajana was once a revered college of Mysore and known for its excellent faculty but like everything else, things have changed here too. A friend whose son goes to Mahajana college says, ‘let your child sit at home and study privately but don’t send him to Mahajana. Neither anyone there is interested in teaching nor is anyone studying.’

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Elisheba said...

Mysore is a lovely city, but like so many other places in India the introduction of progress brought a long list of issues for India. Pollution (litter--plastic bags!) lack of sewer system, overcrowding and traffic.

It is sad to see that the government has left the wonderful citizens of India to fend for themselves. But I have such faith in Indians and their ingenuity. If only the government would come alongside the citizens and help!