Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A dog’s Day in

Today is his 3rd B’day , don’t know which present to take.

Hubby suggested Toys

What will he do with the toys?

‘Story books’ , came another suggestion

‘Have you gone nuts?, he will chew them and shred into bits and pieces.'

‘Something to eat?’

May be, sometime you do talk sense.

‘But pedigree costs Rs 400/ , I gave a box of building blocks on Neesa’s son’s b’day last month and that cost me Rs 200/. For her child’s b’day a gift worth 200 and for her dog’s b’day worth 400.’ Even if one adores dogs and is an animal activist still this doesn’t sound logical.

‘What to do, quickly suggest something’, I prompted hubby

‘Take half the packet of pedigree which will be worth only 200’, his brilliant idea did not seep in

What will we do with the rest of the pedigree? We don’t even have a dog, who will eat that? You? , I was out of my nerves now

I dig in to the closet to look for any unused things which a dog might want to possess

‘But how will anyone know what a dog likes? Did her dog tell you?’ Hubby had a point

I found one ball which was not new but was almost new

Today, Carrot, the b’day dog was not tied outside in the veranda unlike the other days. After all today is his b’day and he can’t be tied in one corner on this day

The guests invited to the party were treated with cake, chips, sandwiches, coke. Carrot roamed around freely unleashed in all the rooms sniffing from one object to another and from one guest to another. After all every Dog has his day.

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