Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Next?

I know all about him what he eats… what time does he sleep… which book is he reading these days… his weekend plans… grade his kid got in mid term exam and even gift he gifted his wife but I haven’t met him for the past six years may be seven. Guess who is he to me! Can’t guess. Ok one clue. He is my friend. Confused! Na he is not my friend, he is my facebook friend.

What is it in facebook that is not there in real flesh and blood people? He has 500 facebook friends with whom he loves to share all irrelevant updates of his life.

‘I make it a point to visit facebook at least once a day to keep in touch with all in one shot’ says he in one of his sweet tweets.

Besides seeing him only once in person seven years ago I have seen him only on facebook,. when I first met him on facebook he looked very different from the real self may be some people look different in pictures or may be he had changed. Thanks to his new digital camera gifted to him by his brother (he updates all his irrelevant details), I see him in different moods. serene, bustling, naughty. 100 % sure, firstly I will not recognize him if I see him in real life again because I am so used to seeing him on facebook. Secondly he is not as handsome as he looks on facebook.

He and one of his real life friends who lives in the same city….

‘Real life friend: ‘hey lets meet sometime’
Facebook friend: ‘too much of work, very busy, let’s catch up on facebook’

Facebook and twitter are the trendiest way to keep in touch with people. You are old fashioned if you are not on facebook , no matter how many good friends you have in real life, number of friends on your facebook account and followers on twitter are metaphor of your popularity and amicability. I just crossed 50 facebook friends last week since I opened my facebook account eight months ago.

Old adage: You are judged by the kind of friends your have
New adage: You are judged by the number of facebook friends you have.

First came emails , then e messages , e cards, e shopping and now e friends , what next?.

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