Monday, August 17, 2009

Khan Kaun

‘You do not know who SRK is, then you know nothing about India and Indian culture …what a waste!!’

The long term effects of this episode are only positive. The first direct benefit from this episode is it has given spice hungry media some juicy news, and public to think life beyond SWINE. The second benefit is MNIK is a must watch now even by those who are not SRK’s die hard fans. The 3rd - now SRK is famous in US too. Sure this news must have made small or big headlines in US too.

Why such a halla gulla about SRK being detained and questioned at airport in USA? Americans are capable of questioning even Obama if need be.

If there is one thing that India can learn (though we don’t believe in learning either by our own misfortunes or thro others’ experiences, we only believe in giving sermons!) from this episode: spare no one when it comes to the security of your motherland. That will be the perfect way to do tit for tat instead of detaining Angelina Jolie as suggested by madam minister.

‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ only bounces back on us when we open our doors, hearts to anyone stepping foot on Indian soil, water without checking their complete credentials.


mani300bc said...

Agree with you! We are generally not used to discipline, and are quite insecure inside. Thus every small, bonafide act is capable of rattling us.

We have to resist the temptation for rabble rousing, unless the malafide intentions are established.

Pleasant surprise to get a sensible view of the incident. Keep it up Ma'am!

atul said...

Great.Like you even i or so many other people think the same way , but few of them actually sit and put it into words.these are bloody conceited lot of people