Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wake Up Sid

Karan Johar must have run out of ideas on how to show extravagant display of emotional family drama, high end glamour, designer houses , exotic foreign locations, pretty faces, jazzy clothes , foot tapping music , climax , lot of noise halla gulla so he thought of making something entirely different something which audience especially young generation can effortlessly correlate.

While watching the movie, I must have at pinched my 15 yrs old son least six times ‘ see Sid is like you’ Filthy messy littered room , eating only junk, shouting at mom and later regretting it , not a worry about future, taking life as it comes. ‘We don’t know what will happen in future but let us enjoy our present to the core’.

After intermission he changed his seat.

The movie is very refreshing , fun to watch, ; for a change it is cool to watch low budget, non fiction, down to earth movie RK did an awesome job. For sure, he is a face to watch for in future. Konkana Sen too was very good and was just apt for the non glamorous image of the character. I wonder how Kareena Kapoor / Preity Jinta / Ash would have looked in this role!


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