Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I am a keen observe of how people from various communities behave. Every community has some distinguish characteristics which set it apart from other communities. Like South Indians are known for their simplicity and docile nature. In north, house owners prefer south Indian tenants as they are considered to be simple and people of few needs and expectations. North Indians especially Punjabis are known for their exuberance and aggression (both positive as well as negative). Their flamboyancy is demonstrated effortlessly. The stories of generosity and liveliness of Sikhs are so well known. Hospitality has different meaning in various regions and communities. In Punjab, the more the number of dishes on the table for your guests, the more is your affection towards them but such display of hospitality and affection towards your guests are not correlated in south. In down South, sari, jewelry and steel shops are always crowded with buyers whereas steel vessels are quite outdated up in north. Since north Indians are ostentatious by nature, for them bone china and porcelains mark the status symbol. It is interesting to observe their differences.
These behavioral differences have their origin to one or the other things. Almost every family in Punjab has a story to narrate about their war experiences of 1965, 1971 and even partition; hence the aggression is but natural. With the growing migration and globalization, these lines tend to fade gradually.

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