Friday, May 9, 2008

Another Chance

Tomorrow is Election Day in Mysore. During last one month, the contestants had painted the whole city in varied colors of blue, green, red. The city looked soooo colorful. Even the holy cows were not spared. Just a day before, it is unusually quiet, perhaps a lull before the storm. TOI is advocating people to use their franchise, Cast your vote, vote for Karnataka.
Whoever wins, will it really matter? Will there be no stray dogs on the road if x party wins? Or will there be no garbage choked streets/corruption/hump free roads if y party wins. All are same. Contestants are spending money like water ( no that’s a wrong example as water is a precious commodity these day) , but naturally who ever wins will make sure to get back all the money spent within next one year ( with interest of course). If they don’t earn by whatever means, how will they contest next election. It’s a vicious circle. Don’t know if there is any Abhimanyu who can break this chakarvihu. But it doesn't mean I won't vote , I will and so should you. Let's give our Politicians another chance.

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