Saturday, January 14, 2012

On Turning 18

Turning eighteen comes with its own anxieties and stresses.  There is a constant pressure from friends and family to look and behave your age.  Eighteen is considered the age when one is supposed to turn into a responsible individual overnight. This is the age when one needs to start thinking about the future... blah blah. ‘Society expects certain decorum from you.   The family looks upon you.’   
Well, I am referring to the pressures and anxieties on the mother of an eighteen years old son!

Nikhil turned 18 yesterday. I am worried … because
·         I won’t get to drive my car.
·         I will have to get used to listening to dialogues like ‘I am 18, I know what is right for me.’
·       I will have to shell out a greater part of my salary towards  his pocket money because ‘No girl friends’ rule does not apply after 18
Birthday celebrations were a subdued lot to ensure Nikhil does well in board (read life).

A close friend called yesterday to wish, ‘It does not look that you are mother of an 18 years old!’  Not sure if this was a compliment or advice.


Anu said...

First of all, Happy b'day Nikhil. We are all proud of you and what you are growing up to be. It was a real pleasure to meet you in Chd recently and a pleasure to see what a fine young man you have grown up to be. Yes, intersting comments from Mommy dear - and Didi, you REALLY do not look like the mother of an 18 year old - who ever said so, you must take it as a compliment. Happy b'day to you and Bhaiya and kudos for the grooming of such a fine young boy. Love and regards,

Sudhir Kant said...

Dear Sujata, while I agree with your thought process as you have put it from a mother's point of view. Biggest issue is to accept the fact that the Son has grown up. While it is a wonderful feeling as a mother, it becomes a hard fact as a lady. The pressures which you have described are just the tip of the iceberg.It is wonderful to see that you are ready to work on these. My good wishe to you and Rajiv.
I think you should take the comment from a friend like a complment. Sudhir

Kamakshi Balasubramanian said...

"A close friend called yesterday to wish, ‘It does not look that you are mother of an 18 years old!’ Not sure if this was a compliment or advice."