Friday, June 5, 2009

Connection Dil Se

‘Most of the new age technology is superfluous and we can do without most of the gadgets.’ That’s what I had always thought. Were we not happy and stayed connected with our friends even when there were no mobile phones and even landline was a luxury? Life went on smoothly even without computers but now… I am forced to change my opinion.

Technology can do a lot more than connecting your boss to you on a lazy Sunday afternoon like it can connect old pals, old school and college friends.

I had never ever thought I will even know the whereabouts of my class mates from school, college or univ, and the thrill of getting connected to school and college friends after two decades is unexplainable. Thanks to Facebook , the memories of Economics dept are again fresh, It is as if nothing has changed, we go back 20 years in life and we still live in those times when we could discuss for days the most trivial issues. When Nikhil tells me that he is looking forward to becoming an adult and enjoy the freedom, I tell him “we too felt the same and now we look back to those days with nostalgia.”

Another fact which is nothing to do with technology, Basic human nature does not change, it only reaches it ultimate as we grow old. Those who were serious earlier , two decades later are little more serious now. And those who were non serious are perhaps gone worst and take nothing seriously now. Some liked to yap yap, they yap much more.

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Atul singh tyagi said...

ya, i am going to give it one more try.even i had been been very very conservative in adopting to new tech/systems .so much so just a week back one of our common friend tought me how to send a massage on face book.but now you dont seem to be doing any thin with out it.
That people dont change .no i beg to differ .the circumstances / the surroundings you live in, the people you live with eg.ur partner ,ur children or any one else you care for do make a impact on you .you may be a alltogether different person .it all depends on how weak or strong you are .take care