Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Change of Mind

A decade ago there would be a big fight in the house if I even heard about any friend /colleague migrating to the land of opportunities, I would almost die with envy, “They are the lucky ones who will live a life of luxury now and me forced to deal with daily problems of no water supply, frequent power cuts, pollution, corruption, need to pull strings to get anything done even nursery school admissions, and daily kich kich in life over petty issues. “How to get away from all this?” was the constant struggle in my mind
Fast forward to 21st century; things have changed in India and so is my mind.
Day in and day out I am bidding bonvoyage to my colleagues who are sent to company headquarters in Atlanta for a temporary or permanent stay. At times I wonder where has the feeling of envy gone? It has not gone, it has just been replaced by another feeling… a feeling of empathy (if they are going for good)
“I wonder how they will adjust to a different life; won’t it be painful for them to say good bye to the life of comfort – comforts of hot dinner neatly laid on the table when you come home from work, coziness of sleeping late when your driver drives your kids for early morning tennis class, convenience of leaving your kids with a neighbor when you are dancing your heels off on valentine’s day party, availability of all the international brands in the mall next door and that too within reach , flexibility of spending time with your cousins when they are in town on a weekday ( you don’t have to ask them to make their trip only on the weekend and that too inform you two months in advance so that you can book your weekend), your elderly parents having the independence of hiring an auto to roam around when they come for a visit ( need not wait for you to come home and take them out)
Did I mention about ample career opportunities and fat… fatter… fattest pay packages?

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Kaavya said...

Ask me :(
There are times when you need to re-locate just coz your better half is away from home...
Now in my case the title would be "Change of Heart"