Monday, February 11, 2008

Call me by my name

They say what’s in a name; I say everything is in the name. You may call rose by any other name, for sure it will smell as sweet but ask rose - will it liked to be called by any other name such as Blacky or Creepy . Definitely not.
I have an excellent memory , can remember phone numbers , flight numbers and anything and everything about a person but when it comes to remembering names , I am a complete blank. I remember everything about one acquaintance I bumped into at a coffee shop recently … I remember everything about her… the color of her dress, type of jewellary she was wearing (I am sure all women are good at that!), how many children does she have, which class/ school do they go it, her phone number, where does she live etc etc but don’t ask me her name. Sometimes it is very embarrassing when I fail to remember the name of person with whom I have spoken nth number of times, had lunch also. I have tried all tricks like associating the person’s name with some incident or famous personality but nothing seems to work. Suggestion any one?


Hedge said...

If her name is Rashmi, take a rashi(rope) and tie her in your imagination as soon as you sake hand. If Andrew, imagine him wearing just an underwear.

Think of as silly as you can. This is the real art of association. Throw tomato, make an elephant fly whatever you can. You will certainly rem. then.

Anyway nice blog....
Have a Nice Day !!!

Sujata Rajpal said...

Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will try and let you know if it works. I will start right away.

Upma khera said...

Her her no one forgets my name !!!!!
No wonder I am so close to you!