Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vishwaroopam 2

The movie has no preaching, no patriotism; it is only about Al Qaeda terrorists from Afghanistan then why the ban in India?  Well, for a film any kind of publicity is good – negative or positive. Everyone wants to taste the forbidden, even if it means sitting in the  very first row and staring at the screen with head slightly bent backwards, missing out on your sleep and watching the 9.50 pm show. 

The movie starts with Pooja Kumar as Kamal Haasan’s young but not youngish looking wife narrating to Zareena Wahab the logic of her infidelity.  Don’t try to understand what was Zareena Wahab’s role in the movie.  The next scene shows KH as a classical dance guruji.  Haasan ( I noticed for the first time that there are two a’s in his name) is not only a versatile actor but a very graceful classical dancer too. If you compare Haasan’s performance with his earlier flicks then this one is a damper.  The story line in Pushpak , Sagar, Chachi 420 and Ek Duuje Ke Liye gave him immense scope to showcase his acting prowess whereas this one is mainly about stunts.

Rahul Bose as hard core Jehadi is very impressive.  The story takes you to the violent tour of Afghanistan, Pakistan and US. Switzerland is known for tourism, Holland for tulips, Afghanistan thrives on terrorism and terrorism alone. And India? It thrives on bans, fatwas and controversies.  The barbarism and the plight of women and children in Afghanistan does leave a bitter taste and makes one wonder -Jihad for whom?
KH didn’t leave any scope for imagination about its sequel.  Race 2, Dhoom 2, Dabang 2 (I suppose) then why not Vishwaroopam 2 which will be all about terrorism in India.  Well, the movie will surely have something to ban about.

Another ban, another controversy and another box office hit.  

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