Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Zoya Factor : Book Review

Zoya Singh Solanki, a young bubbly advertising executive is a typical dilli wali - aggressive and muh fatt but with a heart of gold. Her lucky charm is unearthed when once she happens to have breakfast with our Indian team (by default the word Indian team implies Indian cricket team). She was born at the exact moment in 1983 when the Indian team clinched its first World Cup. Her lucky charm is confirmed time and again when her breakfast with the team results in their victory and not having leads to defeat. Even before she realizes her own lucky charm , Zoya is not only declared the lucky mascot of Indian Cricket team but the onus of making the team win is thrust on her slender shoulders. She is cajoled to travel with the team to make the country win. Forget her advertising job, an all paid trip to the picturesque locations of Australia with the team for the World Cup is only a small sacrifice for the pride of the country. And apart from a sweet romance between Zoya and the handsome hunk Nikhil Khoda , the captain of the team, what follows is victory after victory. Hurray! By the time you reach the last page, like a true patriotic Indian, it leaves the reader with a lingering feel good feeling.

Anuja's writing is very young and peppy, totally in sync with the current times of generation Y. Cricket being Indian universal fever, the book appeals to all age groups and genders. Ample serving of humour and generous sprinkling of local language and slangs like Kaali Peeli transports you to nayi dilli ki sadke and ajmal kham road ki galia. Will India clinch the world cup this time even if Zoya has returned to her Rohtak road wala ghar leaving the team players to fend for themselves? The minus point of the book is its length, 507 pages. It’s an unending wait to know what happens to Zoya , Nikhil romance - she the damsel in distress and he an knight in blue standing in front of her with a cricket bat in hand – how romantic! It’s the perfect setting for a Hindi blockbuster. Our Hindi film industry thrives on it. Zoya factor is soon to be a major motion picture by Red Chillies Entertainment. It’s any one’s guess- Nikhil Khoda , the handsome hunk will obviously be played by our 43 + but ever charming Shah Rukh Khan but none of our current heroines fits the role of vivacious Zoya .
As you turn page after page with huge font, it is not difficult to picturize Zoya ; she is so much like her creator Anuja Chauhan. The back cover of the book with a chirpy black and white picture of the author ; for sure SRK is already thinking of auditioning Anuja for Zoya's character.

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