Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some relations change and still they remain the same

Boy meets girl. They are the best of friends but neither of the two comes forward and proposes. They adore each other but don’t know their own hearts; exactly the way it happens in Hindi movies. At the right time, both find their Mr and Miss Right and live happily ever after. They live their own lives happily with their respective families …girl with her adorable husband and children and the boy with his lovely wife and kids oblivious to the existence of each other. The past is behind them because there wasn’t any past between them.

One day many many springs later, destiny stage manages to bring them face to face. They meet like two acquaintances trying to give each other a peek into their lives in few hours that they are together. They talk about their aspirations and inspirations. No romantic overtones articulated. Nothing happens but the sparks do fly haywire causing the hearts to flutter in anticipation and desperation. For girl, he was everything she had wanted in her life partner. Subconsciously , he had always been her inspiration. And for him...

Both of them realise they were always meant to be together. What next?

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