Friday, April 17, 2009

Sudoku Mania

Since I first laid my hands on a Sudoku puzzle a week ago, all one can find around me are pencils, erasers and Sudoku puzzles. Arranging 9 numbers in 9 by 9 grid looked impossible but looks are very deceptive. What really looks high funda need not be when you take a pencil and eraser in your hand.

Today I could solve a medium level puzzle without any assistance. Yes I have done it!
Well it is not me alone. If I am breaking my head over something why leave rest of the family in peace. Now post dinner time in our living room is more appropriately called Sudoku time; kids hubby all take one puzzle each from easy to medium to hard to evil level.

I am reminded of the ‘Goldilocks and three bears' when daddy bear sips porridge from the biggest bowl, mama bear from medium sized bowl and baby bear from the cute smallest bowl but in Sudoku this order may be in reverse.

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richa said...

wel chachi m in luv wd it 2 ,infct ds is d 1st thng i do in d mornin ...solvn sudoku in d BT n Mum. mirror..its jus amazn n higly addictive...its a gud brain enhncn game nd wen ul cum down we'l surely compete over it...its gr8 fun