Monday, October 20, 2008

Karvachauth ka chand

It is almost a month since I blogged. Actually I have written a post on my trip to Hyderabad but haven’t posted it, nothing just feeling lazy to select pics for the post. Will do it by this week end. Yes weekend? Friday was Karvachauth. People down south do not know much about this ‘fast’ except those who watch Hindi movies and Ekta Kapoor serials. Have you watched Dil Wale... where Kajol keeps fast for Shahrukh Khan and breaks her fast by drinking water from his hands? Got it, that’s Karvachauth!
When I see myself performing all the rituals of this fast, I feel the more things change the more they remain the same. Well, it is more looked as an opportunity for married women to deck up, flaunt their bridal outfit and best of their jewellery. Forget about the remaining hungry part, remaining hungry for a day detoxifies the system. One should look at the positive side of it.
I went for the pooja at 4 in the evening where married women from age group 22 to 65 had come to perform the karvachauth pooja.
You are allowed to drink a cup of tea or a glass of juice after the pooja. The food is eaten only after moon appears in the sky. First you see moon with a strainer and then you see your husband with the strainer and break your fast. Don’t ask me why we do with a strainer as I don’t know. Since the inception of 24 hours transmission, as soon as the moon appears in one part of the country, the pics of Karvachauth’s moon are transmitted on the T.V for the benefit of women in other parts of the country where it is cloudy and moon is not visible and it enables them to stay float for some more time as ' When moon appears in Delhi, Bangalore is not far behind'.
But how do you break your fast if your hubby is traveling? I tell you if you are so orthodox and traditional that you don’t want to break your fast without looking at your hubby and he is not in town, try video conferencing. After all what is the use of technology if it cannot perpetuate traditions?

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