Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What are dreams made of?

In Chandigarh, when I was in school, I remember a friend who lived exactly six houses away. She was always very simply dressed and wore boyish clothes. She did not exhibit any ‘style’ in dressing, talking or anything else which generally the high school girls and boys like to exhibit at that age. Very unassuming character, all I remember about her is playing cricket and talking about becoming a pilot. She went to a non- convent school and was an average student. One thing I clearly remember about her that she was very bold and would often take out her kolhapuri chappal if any boy passed a remark at any of us. My mother felt very safe if I would go anywhere with her. We would meet every afternoon and either sit in my room or stand at the gate and chat for hours about irrelevant things. Unlike the children of these days, we didn’t have to run from one activity class to another to unearth our hidden talents.
After high school, we went to different colleges and got busy in our own lives. Few years later I shifted residence and we gradually lost touch with each other.
Fast forward to seventeen years later…
Last week I learnt that Sunita Sharma is Capt. Sunita Sharma now. She is not only trained commercial pilot but also has been a flying instructor for the past fourteen years. At present she is working with Kingfisher airlines.
My mind goes back to flashback. The face of that plain Jane, thin, tom boyish girl flashes my mind who was an average person by all standards. Yesterday I spoke to her. She was taking a day’s break after flying. We spoke over the phone for an hour or so, talked about good old days, spoke about relevant as well as irrelevant things and giggled on silly things. It was as if nothing had changed in the past two decades.
Two morals of the story: Dreams do come true; you should have belief in them and the perseverance to make them true. One doesn’t need to be a superhero to do extra ordinary in life. The bigger moral - old is gold, nothing like childhood friendships.


Prats said...

I can't believe I find you yuo remember me? from Brigade, bangalore???

I will come back and read up all your blogs as soon as possible...but nice seeing you here :)

Deepak said...

Hi bits. never knew you well so well at articulating.great going

Sujata Rajpal said...

Hi Prats,
Though I have a fairly good memory , I really don't remember you. Probably if you tell me more about you, I can.

Prats said...
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Sujata Rajpal said...

Now I remember you and of course your kids but how would I know if you write as 'Prats'. Are you still there or shifted?

Prats said...

hey...thank god!! Yes i'm still here, but moving out soon...i've had a good , long stint in this apartment for the last 7 years and i'm gonna miss it.
How are the kids..and mail me to catch up. The mail id is on my profile

deepika said...

my recollection of my childhood is decent and can actually recall faces of my classmates when i was a 1st and 2nd grader.sad to say though that i don't have a single friend from my school days.
i have forged some wonderful friendships as an adult and treasure all of them in their varied hues.
cheers to us all :)